Q:How long does the surgery take?


A:Surgery on each trigger site will take between 30 to 90 minutes. Between 1 and 4 trigger sites will be addressed during the surgery.


Q: I did not respond to BOTOX . Am I still a candidate for surgery ?

A:Yes. If your headaches respond to nerve blocks but not to BOTOX, you are a candidate. There are patients whose headaches do not respond to either treatment and yet benefit from trigger-point release.


Q :What is the likelihood that the surgery will work in me ?

A:Most of the studies show that, on average, 60% of patients experience complete elimination of pain, and 90% of patients experience a 50% decrease in pain.


Q:Will I have any numbness after surgery?


A:Most of the numbness occurs in the forehead or the back of the neck, and is transitory as the nerves recover. In some instances, residual numbness remains in the forehead areas.