Follow A Patient's Migraine Surgery Journey

Dr. Amirlak's patient Elise has been documenting her journey with migraine pain and choosing to get nerve decompression surgery since May 2014. She has had an excellent result from her surgery, and has done an excellent job of documenting the pre-, during, and post-operative details of what a surgery like this entails. 

Click here for Elise's Migraine Story

If you are considering this surgery, we recommend taking a look at this blog! 

Anatomical Regional Targeted (ART) Nerve Blocks

In this video Dr. Bardia Amirlak is demonstrating the Anatomical Regional Targeted (ART) nerve blocks for pre-operative screening and diagnosis, as well as treatment of chronic migraines and neuralgia of trigeminal nerves. The nerve blocks are often administered separately from the ART BOTOX injection.

The nerve blocks consist of a 15 cc mix of Lidocaine and Marcaine that is used to inject the Auriculotemporal (AT) nerve in the area immediately above the TMJ and at the hair line where the nerve and artery cross (approximately 10 cm from the midline). The Zygomatico-Temporal branch of the Trigeminal nerve (ZTBTN) is injected, as well as Supra-Orbital and Supra-Trochlear nerves.

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